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IPTV is the next-generation of television technology. Change your TV set-up from traditional Cable TV or Satellite TV to the most recent Internet Protocol TV.
Subscribe to Get +12 000 Worldwide Premium TV channels and +40 000 VOD (NETFLIX , DISNEY+,APPLE+,HBO…)& TV Shows .

King IPTV server support all the TV boxes : Android, Smart Tv, Mag Box, Firestick, IOS, Windows , Mac OS and much more..!


We aim to email you within 5 min – 20 min of purchase to arrange setup of your order.



When you subscribe to King IPTV, you get +10 000 Worldwide Channels , +12 000 VOD (NETFLIX , DISNEY+,APPLE+,HBO…), TV Shows , adulte content XXX & All sports channels 

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